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Water security will become the biggest global investment theme over the next decade.

The Water Investment Summit in New York, at the Hilton Midtown, in December 2023 is where strategy begins.

The Mission

The objective of the summit is to accelerate the rate of investment in the water security theme. It will achieve this by communicating the scale of the opportunity to a global investment audience.

An event of this ambition has not been done before. There are water conferences addressing the business side of the industry (such as the Global Water Summit) and there have been various small meetings aimed at the equity investors. This will be the first time that anyone has brought together the full range of investible opportunities relating to water in a single compact event.

The idea is that by promoting all of the different investment strategies, we can maximise the visibility of the water security theme. We want investors to go away from the event understanding the magnitude of the opportunity and the rationale for building water security into every investment portfolio.


The Event


A half day workshop on innovation in water finance where it is most needed: the infrastructure gap in the developing world; and climate change adaptation.


A full day conference showcasing the major water security investment strategies


Space for invitation-only presentations and symposia organised by sponsors and supporters


Meeting rooms for private investor presentations and  one-to-one meetings.
"Finance has a crucial role to play in solving the water sustainability challenge. With the right alignment, focusing on the three key areas of water sustainability: water availability, water process efficiency and water quality, will be critical in solving this challenge"

David Henderson,

Managing Partner at XVP Partners

The Water Investment Summit is where water security and finance meet

GWI Events - Water Investment Summit
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Bringing asset allocators and water leaders together to define a collective approach to addressing the water challenge, the Water Investment Summit is the place to be for those looking to connect finance and water.

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